Reimagined Resources and Relationships

How has the pandemic reshaped our world and our work? The answer is certainly complex. In the last year, Global Integrity has adapted to changes prompted by COVID-19 by both pivoting its existing programs and developing new initiatives. In 2020, we focused on sharing, learning, and supporting our team and our partners at the onset of the lockdowns, carefully thinking through our response and realigning priorities, resources, and plans, especially ones related to governance and health systems.

Soon after, we checked in with 70 partners (including nearly 50 members of our D.C.-based Open Gov Hub). We listened to how they are tackling challenges across operations, programs, and strategies in innovative ways to emerge from this crisis with greater resilience. To support this work we have curated 800+ resources on COVID-19, fiscal governance, and anti-corruption. Similarly, we are determining how to pivot our existing projects to effectively address COVID-19's implications.

In 2021 we worked closely with our CTAP partner organizations to conduct research on public service delivery, build local coalitions aimed at identifying and preventing corruption, and strengthen the capacity of our grassroots partners and civic organizations.

See what we have done differently below.